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Our area for adoptions is currently limited to the State of Washington. Other Pacific Northwest areas will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

NOTE: Since there’s generally not a lot of detailed information as to the origins of animals brought in from kill pens, we rely on our veterinarians for their opinions as to the age and health of these animals.

Please fill out an Adoption Application (below) to start the process.


Lily & Fancy!

Lily & Fancy

Lily & Fancy came to the farm as part of the “Fabulous Four” with Rip & Roper. Their extremely sweet and friendly personalities were instant farm favorites! They are the best of friends and will need to go together to their new home. Lilly is 12 and Fancy is 14, and they are both medically sound and ready for their forever place to land! Their perfect home would have some equine friends or a friendly pup, but will have to trial with any other farm animals as they like to make sure they are at the top of the pecking order!



This adorable girl came to us from a “free to a good home post” on Facebook. She had been purchased a couple of months earlier by a family who wanted the perfect mini horse for their young child. Curly was surely that, however, she also had severe pain in her eye due to glaucoma. Along with that, she is missing a number of teeth and has to be on a very constrained and specific diet of soupy grain fed 4 times a day. While her other eye is comfortable for now, the diseased eye needed to be removed. This $2,000 surgery was deemed critical for Curly’s quality of life and her owner knew that was a requirement for her new future. HOME stepped in and was able to arrange and pay for the surgery and ensure that Curly recovered in comfort. Her health has made astounding progress and we are thrilled that she is ready to find her perfect new home.



Eli the 5 year old standard size donkey joined HOME in April 2021 and arrived extremely wary of people. Our amazing trainer, Elsa Sinclair made great strides with him with her Freedom Based training method. Eli has returned to the farm to continue his training.  He is working hard to learn that people can be a great thing in his life and is a huge fan of petting and getting scratched in all the right places.  He is now walking slowly on the lead line and beginning to lift his hooves when asked. He loves to play and is extremely social, his perfect home would have another rambunctious jack he can bond with and patient humans looking for a long term relationship building trust with him!

**Eli is pending adoption ~ He is on a trial with his new donkey bud Pedro!**

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