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Our area for adoptions is currently limited to the State of Washington. Other Pacific Northwest areas will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

NOTE: Since there’s generally not a lot of detailed information as to the origins of animals brought in from kill pens, we rely on our veterinarians for their opinions as to the age and health of these animals.

Please fill out an Adoption Application (below) to start the process.




This sweet little guy has settled in well on the farm! Original name “Oatmeal”, we decided to rename him and add some extra flavor to match his spunky personality. He has came to us as a stud, and after he was gelded, he got to be turned out with his neighbors and his playful and outgoing personality really came out! He absolutely loves the volunteers and is always coming up to them to say hi. Now that he is gelded, he is looking for his perfect place to call home!

Anna (L), Kristoph (Middle), and Elsa (R)

The Disney Trio

Elsa, Anna, and Kristoph (named after the movie “Frozen”) came to us from Louisiana back in May of 2021. Elsa, a very strong minded teenager, and Anna and Kristoph, around 5 started out their journey here with extreme anxiety and fear when it came to people. We wish we knew their story but one thing is for sure, humans had failed them. They were one of the hardest group of horses to handle. We made plans with our vets and tried many different techniques to reach them and help them feel at home on the farm. Finally with enough time, great trainers, and even a supplement that mimics a mothers milk (which has calming effects), these three have shown great progress. They are now halter broke, can be groomed and allow the farrier to give them their trims. Anna is doing so well she is now being ponied off a big horse and learning how to pull a cart. We have literally changed these once scared and feral minis into functioning and trusting animals. We are so excited to finally announce they are ready and looking for their perfect home as a group!

Rip (L) & Roper (R)

Fancy (L) & Lilly (R)

The Fabulous Four

Rip, Roper, Fancy, and Lilly are recent intakes and are already showing how much love they have to give! These 4 are bonded and will need to go to their new home together. They are all so sweet and very well mannered.

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