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Success stories of all of our adopted equines!

57 Mini horses saved since 2021


Dutton came to us as a stud. He was a senior mini in his 30s and our biggest concern was getting his health to its absolute best before he was gelded. He was always a sweet personality on the farm and loved by all! Dutton, now Dillon, found his forever home September 2022, where he gets to go on trail walks with his new family and best buddy, Pitch.


Willow came to us with an unknown but clearly unfortunate past. She was extremely shy of people, so we gave her lots of patience and time to fit in on the farm. We took training slowly and allowed her to go at her own pace. Once she learned that us at HOME were here to love and help, she shined! We were able to find an amazing home that understood her past and gave her a promising future, and she got to take on her new life with her friend Bella!


Emma, now Lyndy, came to us in rough shape with some issues trusting humans. With lots of love and patience, she she started to warm up and stepped into her confidence and super sweet personality! She then moved onto an amazing future with one our veterinarians, where she is thriving!


Dillon, was adopted July 2022 with his long time friend, Romeo!


Romeo, now Rocky, was adopted July 2022 with his best bud Dillon!


Bella was a been there done that mare who was used for riding and driving before she came to us. She was a friendly face around the farm and always came up to volunteers to say hello (or check for treats!). She was adopted to an amazing family with her best bud, Willow.

ranger & Tucker

Ranger & Tucker are a duo that came to HOME and are bonded for life! They are a part of the “Elkhart 11” and came to us at about 2.5 years old, as studs, with no training. Once they were caught they were nervous but would settle down and became sweet little guys. Ranger was a bright sorrel and Tucker a beautiful chestnut Appaloosa with a nice white blanket hindquarters. Both of these boys were gelded shortly after arriving to the farm. Ranger and Tucker were then adopted to a wonderful family who had a full size horse in need of companionship. As you can see from this picture they love following their big buddy around and have bonded with him as well!


Annabelle was listed on Craigslist as a “free horse”. A king person saw it and realized she was not only pregnant, but also standing in a field without shelter. After having her foal Juniper, Annabelle went into a foster home where a single horse had been kept for many years. This little fella was over the moon to have a new buddy! She has now been adopted and is making her equine and human families lives better every day with her sweet, kind, self.

bb & socks

BB & Socks came bonded and have now found their new forever home as companions to their big horse buddy, Ollie!

anna & elliott

Anna & Elliott came to us from Eugene, OR in November 2021, with an inseparable bond! Anna, 12 and Elliott, 13, quickly became favorites of the farm due to their sweet demeanor and cuddly personalities. It didn’t take long before a family in Eastern WA was on their way to take these two home and give them their dream life as companion horses! They received a blessed future with an amazing family.


Olivia came to us a younger mini, and while we don’t often adopt out the very young, this family was exactly the right fit for her! She was a supremely self-confident 1 year old and was chosen to be a companion to the existing mini knowing that the retired he lived with is getting on in years. She has proven to be exactly what everyone needed and brings joy and laughter and energy to all!

dolly & coop

Dolly & Coop came from the Lonestar, TX kill pen, part of our first buy that kicked off what HOME is today! Coop came with a damaged eye in significant pain, and we prepared for the rehabilitation process ahead of him. We were able to save his eye! Poor Dolly looked so skinny, wet, and scared. These two were welcomed with full hearts and both arms, and rehabilitated back to 100%. They then were able to find an amazing home to adopt them and give them a promising future!

waylon, boone & hannah

Hannah came to us in a rough place as she was riding solo after the death of her partner and found extremely listless and upset. Then came Waylon & Boone from Eugene where they were shown at auction separately and caused quite the ruckus calling out for each other. We knew we had to give these two the opportunity to live out their best lives together. The love they had for each other spread and soon enough Hannah was a part of their squad! We found them an amazing, loving family who appreciates the bond these donkeys have.


Grace, now Jewel, came to us extremely shy. She spooked at any sudden movements, although seemed to have a sweet demeanor. She came to us after having her baby, and we were told she was not often treated nicely at her prior homes. We gave her lots of love and room to trust and she slowly came into her own! In January 2022, she found her forever home on Black Horse Farm. We are so blessed she found an amazing place to continue living her best life!


Burr, adopted with Jessie James. Named after the amount of burrs in his mane upon his arrival! Thankfully, we were able to get them all out!

jessie james

Jessie James, adopted with Burr.

chip & Dale

Chip & Dale are two hunky donks who found their perfect home!

Rescued mini horse


Tango was among one of our first intakes. We are so blessed that one of our amazing vest was able to take him in!


Malakai came to us for a temporary stay as an orphan foal. His mother had passed away shortly after he was born. This was truly a sad, but perfect connection because Delilah (part of HOME Haven) came to us as her foal passed away. Malakai warmed up to Delilah and was able to have a momma to nurse off of as he grew up. He returned to his owners and is now a thriving mini living his best life!


Clyde was one of our initial intakes and a main character on the farm. A “baaa” among the neighs and brays, everyone was a big fan. His stay was short, but his future was bright as he now lives on 10 acres with 21 other sheep!


Ollie, came to us as a 9 month old baby in January 2021, ready for his new start on life. He came from an auction as part of one of our first intakes. He was adopted with Moon to a loving, long time volunteer and supporter of HOME.


Moon, arrived with Ollie at about 4 years old. He was extremely shy and afraid, and required lots of patience to allow him to trust again. He was adopted with Ollie to an amazing home to live out his best life!