Meet Our Members

Lori Mcmaster

President, Director

I have been working with horses my entire life. Showing, training and just enjoying the wonderful view between those lovey horse ears. I had studied equine massage and several bodywork modalities before establishing Alpine Ridge Equestrian and Alpine Ridge Equine Massage as my professions. I began working in the rescue horse industry in 2015. This experience revealed my passion for rescue animals and also showed me what was important to my heart. Getting these animals out of terrible situations, showing them love, medical care and good nutrition is our first step. Teaching trust and respecting the bonded families of these equines are very important to me and just some of the wonderful things HOME is built on. I am so blessed to join forces with some of the most amazing women in the rescue industry. We all have come from working at a horse rescue and all of our hearts align perfectly to create this amazing organization, HOME. I am living my best life. I want to see every equine that comes through our door have the same opportunity.

Lori McMaster and Dakota
Lori and Dakota.
Barbara Gordon and Koa
Barb and Koa.

barbara gordon

Vice President, Director

Rescuing the unwanted, abused and neglected is a life long passion of mine. Horses, dogs, cats, miniature donkeys and miniature horses. So many wonderful animals need a fresh start and an advocate for their well being. I’ve learned a lot about animal behavior through University of Washington courses, working with some of the most gifted trainers working today and all the incredible animals that have been a part of my family. Joining together with these amazing women has allowed me to focus my time, my money and my passion to the community of miniature horses and donkeys in Washington and across the United States. Our commitment to life long emotional and physical well being for each animal who comes through our doors fills my heart with happiness. I look forward to sharing my love of these amazing creatures with you.

Sarah Sanford and Mozart
Sarah and Mozart (Mo).

Sarah Sanford


My earliest memories are of passion for horses… all kinds! I had every Breyer® ever made, read every book about horses I could get my hands on, and cried inconsolably for Black Beauty. As an adult I was finally able to achieve my lifelong dream of owning horses. I was very naïve and found myself immersed in a steep learning curve. While I loved learning about my “kids” I was too often crushed by the cruelty and abuse I became aware was ongoing. My advocacy started with OTTBs (my horse, Mozart was one) and quickly expanded to wild horses and burros. I have been very fortunate to participate in a number of clinics about and with horses. I learned the joy of connection with honest, sensitive and perceptive equines of all types and sizes. They have taught me so very much and have shown me that investing in traumatized and frightened creatures can be transformative for them and rewarding beyond measure for me. I am thrilled with this opportunity to give all I can to HOME, joining this fabulous tribe of women who are dedicating their time and treasure to support mini equines. They prove every day that while we can’t make the world better for all of these wonderful creatures, for those we can work with the world will be forever full of love and care.

sandy cobb


I have always felt a magnetic pull towards horses. From the first time I remember meeting one of these majestic creatures, they have held a special place in my heart. Growing up around them, I learned not just about riding and caring for them, but also about the deep bond that forms between humans and horses.

My journey with Helping Our Miniature Equines (HOME) began when I saw a call for volunteers and learned of their mission to rescue and rehabilitate miniature horses and donkeys in need. It was like finding a piece of my soul’s purpose. Working alongside the amazing founders, volunteers, and the animals at HOME has been nothing short of transformative for me. Every moment spent at HOME feels like a precious gift.

The impact of HOME extends beyond just me; it has touched the lives of my family, especially my young granddaughters. Watching them light up with wonder and compassion as they see the transformation of the horses and donkeys, reinforces the importance of the work that is done here.

At HOME, I’ve found a sense of community and purpose that I cherish deeply. In a world filled with chaos and uncertainty, HOME provides a sanctuary of hope and healing for both humans and equines alike. And for me, there’s no greater privilege than being a part of that journey.

Sandy and Lola
Melanie and Curly (HOME Haven Resident)

melanie duda

Volunteer Coordinator

I did not grow up in the horse world. I didn’t have any real knowledge of equine life let alone getting involved within an equine rescue. I have to say I was a little clueless to where these miniatures can end up. What started as an hour a week volunteering has grown into a passion I can’t quite explain. Every day spent at HOME will give you more and more understanding. It’s something about these beautiful creatures that has me feeling closer to our creator. The way you must earn their trust and teach them there’s more to life than where they came from. I learn something new almost everyday under the most amazing women running this rescue. They’re truly happy and want to share their experience and guidance. I have a second family in HOME and beyond grateful my path brought me here.