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General information on new equine arrivals at the rescue!

Recent arrivals

Titan ~ This stud muffin is bringing “sexy back” with his gorgeous mane and forelock and “macho” attitude! He is a 4 year old stud who is “cryptorchid”, meaning he will need a more invasive surgery to geld him and is why he has come into our hands! We are excited to see this boy grow on the farm and get him acquainted with the other minis once he is gelded!

Ginger & Cisco ~ These two besties came from a situation we are so glad to have rescued them from. Cisco was still a stud and was turned out with multiple mares, some of which he had sired. Our first priority was getting him gelded so we could see his true potential. Ginger has a sweet demeanor but is extremely shy and we are working on catching her. In the first couple of months, we noticed her belly was getting much rounder and have confirmed with the vet that she is in foal! Our priority is getting both of these sweet minis accustomed to a life with positive human interaction so we can help Ginger medically and help both of these two with their training.

Little Joe ~ This little guy came to us with his momma, Gem. He was very headstrong, and we doubt he had any training prior to coming to HOME. He’s less than 2 years old, so it was crucial we start building a stronger foundation for him to be a safer and well-handled in his future home. After being gelded, his personality has really shown and we are excited to share more updates about him!

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