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Levi (L) & Sprout (R)

The 6 Amigos ~ HOME stepped in to save 6 minis out of 45 equine that were dumped at a Texas auction. Rescues partnered up all over the country to ensure these horses and donkeys have a brighter future ahead! We are so appreciative for the success of our fundraiser to get these sweet little souls home. Be sure to follow along on social media to see their progress!

Snickers ~ This little fella is Snickers.  He’s a 6-year-old mini mule.  We got a call a few weeks ago from a lovely guy who told me his story.  Snickers was bought out of a Texas auction by a family who didn’t know what they were doing.  Several months later, they are moving out of state and they tell our guy that they are leaving Snickers with a neighbor – someone else who has no clue what Snickers needs.  So, this wonderful human intervened and said he’d take Snickers and find him a proper home.  Well, he found HOME on the internet and delivered him to us 10 days later.  Snickers has been handled by humans but is understandably wary given how much change he’s endured.  He’s healthy and being trained to re-build his trust.  We believe he will get adopted pretty quickly but he can have as much time as he needs with us.

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