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General information on new equine arrivals at the rescue!

november 2022 arrivals

Cochise ~ We want to share a new special little man with you. He came from a bad situation but is HOME now and receiving the care he has deserved. This boy has a big personality and a huge heart. We named him Cochise because he is truly a warrior.

We will continue to share updates on this sweet guy and the amazing future we are creating for him. We appreciate all of your support!

Brier & Patch ~ These two senior minis came to us through owner surrender and HOME was happy to welcome them with open arms. Brier has Cushing’s disease, an endocrine disorder that will need to be managed throughout his life and Patch has a precancerous spot on his eyelid that we are monitoring.  As they continue to warm up to volunteers helping and daily happenings on the farm, we are focused on keeping them healthy, happy, and most importantly, together! They are available for adoption to their perfect family with experience with Brier & Patch’s needs.

Breyer & Patch settling in with their new buds

september 2022 arrivals

Curly ~ This sweet girl came to us from a “free to a good home post” on Facebook. She had been purchased a couple of months earlier by a family who wanted the perfect mini horse for their young child. Curly was surely that, however, she also had severe pain in her eye due to glaucoma. Along with that, she is missing a number of teeth and has to be on a very constrained and specific diet of soupy grain fed 4 times a day. While her other eye is comfortable for now, the diseased eye needed to be removed. This $2,000 surgery was deemed critical for Curly’s quality of life and her owner knew that was a requirement for her new future. HOME stepped in and was able to arrange and pay for the surgery and ensure that Curly not only recovers in comfort, but also gets the ongoing dental and medical care needed before she will be available for adoption. While we continue to watch over and care for her eyesight, she is going to step into our HOME Haven program. She has many happy years ahead of her, and until her new best family shows up, her HOME family is showering her in all the love she can handle.

Curly settling into her new digs at HOME

Bronco ~ HOME was contacted by a lovely 85 year old who had a pair of late 20 year old gelded mini donkeys that were looking for a new home. While he has had them since they were quite young, this owner knew that his ability to properly care for these fine gentlemen was diminishing and the winter weather ahead would be problematic. His daughter found HOME on the internet and he came to visit and make sure we were worthy of taking over the future of his dear donkeys. Several weeks later, cuddle monsters Bronco and Ferrari joined our HOME family. They received oh, so much love and care that was needed. 

Unfortunately, Ferrari began to flare up with some neurological issues and had to be rushed to the vet. Bronco went to keep him company and “hold his hoof” while he went through various tests and attempts to get him back to comfortable. The vet ultimately decided that the best result for Ferrari was to let him cross rainbow bridge comfortably.

We are so grateful to have the “donkey den” on the farm with Maggie the hinny, and duo Annie and Oakley, to help Bronco grieve and heal from his loss. This group of 4 very close knit equines are living a life of attention, hugs, and cuddles as we continue to nurse them to their optimal health.

Bronco enjoying the donkey den

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