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General information on new equine arrivals at the rescue!

Q1 2023 arrivals

Rip, Roper, Fancy, and Lilly are recent intakes and are already showing how much love they have to give! These 4 are bonded and will need to go to their new home together. They are all so sweet and very well mannered.

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Rip (L) & Roper (R)

Fancy (L) & Lilly (R)

Grandma Bettie ~ This sweet girl almost didn’t make it HOME. She was abandoned in a herd of cows at the cattle auction, on the brink of starvation. We are immensely grateful for the bystanders who took action to save this elderly girl from suffering a very sad ending. She is safe and she is HOME! For now, we are working on slowly getting her weight stabilized, as she is severely underweight. She is settling in well so far with her paddock neighbor, Curly!

q4 2022 arrivals

Curly ~ This sweet girl¬†came to us from a “free to a good home post” on Facebook. She had been purchased a couple of months earlier by a family who wanted the perfect mini horse for their young child. Curly was surely that, however, she also had severe pain in her eye due to glaucoma. Along with that, she is missing a number of teeth and has to be on a very constrained and specific diet of soupy grain fed 4 times a day. While her other eye is comfortable for now, the diseased eye needed to be removed. This $2,000 surgery was deemed critical for Curly’s quality of life and her owner knew that was a requirement for her new future. HOME stepped in and was able to arrange and pay for the surgery and ensure that Curly not only recovers in comfort, but also gets the ongoing dental and medical care needed before she will be available for adoption. While we continue to watch over and care for her eyesight, she is going to step into our HOME Haven program. She has many happy years ahead of her, and until her new best family shows up, her HOME family is showering her in all the love she can handle.

Curly settling into her new digs at HOME

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