HOME Cares

In 2023 we began our work to start giving back to our community by training a few of our minis to visit people living in senior centers, memory care units and residential hospice programs.

Miniature horses can have a positive impact on seniors. A visit from a miniature horse can spark conversation, excitement and give seniors a few minutes to be present while petting the horses, taking photos or just chatting with the handlers. This seemingly small interaction is enough to improve the mood of many seniors who forget about loneliness, depression, anxiety, pain or other health issues they may be experiencing. Motor, sensory and emotional responses can be inspired by the presence of miniature horses. In addition to seniors, individuals with mental and physical disabilities of all ages can be positively affected by these tiny horses with big hearts.

Barb & Ode (L), Lori & Sampson (R)


Orion is our first member of this program, as his training has come along well and he absolutely loves people! His luscious mane and big personality won him the “GQ’s Gelding of the Year” award. (A title crowned by all of our volunteers of course). With his unlimited love to give and kind energy, we are looking forward to him being our first mini in this program!



Delilah is our second mini taking part in the HOME Cares program! Although she came from a rough past, she is well versed in providing lots of love (and kisses) to everyone around her.



Ode is another mini thriving in our HOME Cares program. His short stature and calm demeanor make him the perfect horse for the job!