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success stories of all our adopted equines!

~   99 equines through our doors since 2021   ~

Bandit & winston

Bandit and Winston came to us March 2022 – Two young-ins at about 6 months old. Both studs, in rough shape, runny noses, underweight, and very wary of humans. They made amazing progress while they were here at our rescue! They grew into their personalities and became far more comfortable around people. We are so excited for what their future holds.

little joe

This little guy came to us with his momma, Gem. He was very headstrong, and we doubt he had any training prior to coming to HOME. He’s less than 2 years old, so it was crucial we start building a stronger foundation for him to be a safer and well-handled in his future home. After being gelded, his personality has really shown! He is becoming one of the most level headed and well behaved young geldings on the farm. Little Joe has been a great therapy mini in our HOME Cares program visiting seniors in our community.

raven & thunder

These two minis had only a short stop at HOME! After their initial intake, we decided that they were ready to find their forever place to land. Their new home is perfect for them to blossom and grow!


This sweet girl almost didn’t make it HOME. She was abandoned in a herd of cows at the cattle auction, on the brink of starvation. We are immensely grateful for the bystanders who took action to save this elderly girl from suffering a very sad ending. She is safe and she is HOME! For now, we are working on slowly getting her weight stabilized, as she is severely underweight. She settled in well so far with her paddock neighbor, Curly! 


Renegade was an owner surrender who came to us February 2022. He has struck up quite the bromance with HOME ambassador Sampson. He is a younger mini with a sweet and friendly personality. He found an incredible home where he can flourish and continue his training!

lily & Fancy

Lily & Fancy came to the farm as part of the “Fabulous Four” with Rip & Roper. Their extremely sweet and friendly personalities were instant farm favorites! They are the best of friends and will need to go together to their new home. Lilly is 12 and Fancy is 14, and they are both medically sound and ready for their forever place to land! Their perfect home would have some equine friends or a friendly pup, but will have to trial with any other farm animals as they like to make sure they are at the top of the pecking order!


Eli the 5 year old standard size donkey joined HOME in April 2021 and arrived extremely wary of people. Our amazing trainer, Elsa Sinclair made great strides with him with her Freedom Based training method. Eli then returned to the farm to continue his training.  He is working hard to learn that people can be a great thing in his life and is a huge fan of petting and getting scratched in all the right places.  He is now walking slowly on the lead line and beginning to lift his hooves when asked. He loves to play and is extremely social, he found his perfect home with his donkey buddy, Pedro!


This stud muffin is bringing “sexy back” with his gorgeous mane and forelock and “macho” attitude! He is a 4 year old stud who is “cryptorchid”, meaning he needed a more invasive surgery to geld him and is why he came into our hands! We are excited for the amazing forever HOME he found getting a job where he gets to show off his studly looks!



Gem is a beautiful girl who came to the farm with her son, Little Joe. She has become well accustomed to life on the farm and quickly showed that she is ready for adoption! We are so excited she got to land in her forever home with HOME buds Juniper & Coco and meet her new friend Licorice.


Coco is a very sweet 17 year old “pony” who came to the farm extremely shy and wary of humans. While he still has progress to make, his budding romance with Juniper left him on a trailer to his forever home! We are so excited for his new adopters to bond with this sweet boy while he gets to have his buddies Gem, Juniper, and Licorice.


Juniper has lived out her entire life here on the farm! She arrived in Annabelle’s belly in December 2021 (Read Annabelle’s story below!) She has made herself right at home. Her training program has helped her blossom into the amazing mini she is! Her kind personality and spunky attitude landed her an amazing forever place to land with HOME residents Coco, Gem, and new friend, Licorice!

daisy mae

Daisy Mae is an 11 year old Jenny and won the hearts of many volunteers, she was adopted out to an amazing family where she has a mule best friend!

Pete & pepper

This unlikely pair was set up for a very scary and unpredictable future. We found them at a farm equipment sale, and they were being talked about and treated as just that, “farm equipment”. Pete was very protective of Pepper the whole time and knew something was wrong. HOME came in and fought for these two and their future. Their bodies tell a story that makes us grateful we crossed paths with them. After getting accustomed to the safety and love that they deserve, they found an amazing home where they can be cared for and treated like horses for the rest of their lives!

rip & roper

Rip & Roper, part of “The Fabulous Four”, are two sweet boys who are very bonded and loving to everyone they meet! Rip has a close resemblance to our long time HOME resident “Ode”! Roper loves his hay and flirting with the girls, Lily & Fancy. We are so excited that they found their forever home!

disney trio

Elsa, Anna, and Kristoph (named after the movie “Frozen”) came to us from Louisiana back in May of 2021. Elsa, a very strong minded teenager, and Anna and Kristoph, around 5 started out their journey here with extreme anxiety and fear when it came to people. We wish we knew their story but one thing is for sure, humans had failed them. They were one of the hardest group of horses to handle. We made plans with our vets and tried many different techniques to reach them and help them feel at home on the farm. Finally with enough time, great trainers, and even a supplement that mimics a mothers milk (which has calming effects), these three have shown great progress. They are now halter broke, can be groomed and allow the farrier to give them their trims. Anna is doing so well she is now being ponied off a big horse and learning how to pull a cart. We have literally changed these once scared and feral minis into functioning and trusting animals. We are so excited to finally announce they found a perfect home with a family who absolutely adores each of them!


Oreo is a 23 year old pony with a goofy and curious personality! Upon his arrival, he gave out many kisses! We are so lucky that he found his perfect home where he has an entire family to give him all the love he deserves!


We are so excited this sweet little guy found his forever home! Original name “Oatmeal”, we decided to rename him and add some extra flavor to his kind personality. He came to us as a stud, and once he settled in we had him gelded. A very social guy, we are happy he found a home with new mini friend, “Sweetie”.

ozzy & jj

Ozzy and JJ came to us from their owner in Calgary, Canada. Ozzy was a fancy show pony who hated his job and then was at stud to be used for breeding more baby Ozzy’s! One of his babies – JJ had been sold as a colt, but the owners were unhappy with the care he was getting so they grabbed him back. Ozzy was thrilled to see his son and they’ve been tightly bonded together since. JJ, still quite young, is working on his manners and learning his way in the world. Ozzy has had a different training plan designed for him – we’re working on re-halter training and showing him that being around humans means fun things like eating grass or going to meet other minis on the farm! 

These two found their PERFECT home! Experienced horse owners who were ready to help JJ find his way in the world and continue showing Ozzy that humans are safe and can be trusted!

Brier & patch

These two senior minis came to us through owner surrender and HOME was happy to welcome them with open arms. Brier has Cushing’s disease, an endocrine disorder that will need to be managed throughout his life and Patch has a precancerous spot on his eyelid that we are monitoring.  They were quick to warm up to volunteers and become favorites on the farm. We were able to find an amazing home who were happy to take on these two and keep them healthy for the remainder of their lives!


Elektra came to HOME in April 2021 with her donkey buddy Eli.They arrived extremely wary of people. Our amazing trainer, Elsa Sinclair made remarkable strides with them with her Freedom Based training method. Elektra found an amazing home while in training and we are so excited for her promised future.


Jasmine is a 2017 black and white pinto mini mare. She came to us from a Texas kill pen. When she arrived she was very sick with colitis, pneumonia and strep. She spent eight days at Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital where they took excellent care and nursed her back to health. She then gave herself an eye ulceration on her left eye, requiring several months of daily medication. We were able to save her eyesight and she is now all healthy and happy. This special girl was able to find her forever home who will give her infinite carrots for the rest of her full life! 


Dutton came to us as a stud. He was a senior mini in his 30s and our biggest concern was getting his health to its absolute best before he was gelded. He was always a sweet personality on the farm and loved by all! Dutton, now Dillon, found his forever home September 2022, where he gets to go on trail walks with his new family and best buddy, Pitch.


Willow came to us with an unknown but clearly unfortunate past. She was extremely shy of people, so we gave her lots of patience and time to fit in on the farm. We took training slowly and allowed her to go at her own pace. Once she learned that us at HOME were here to love and help, she shined! We were able to find an amazing home that understood her past and gave her a promising future, and she got to take on her new life with her friend Bella!


Emma, now Lyndy, came to us in rough shape with some issues trusting humans. With lots of love and patience, she she started to warm up and stepped into her confidence and super sweet personality! She then moved onto an amazing future with one our veterinarians, where she is thriving!


Dillon, was adopted July 2022 with his long time friend, Romeo!


Romeo, now Rocky, was adopted July 2022 with his best bud Dillon!


Bella was a been there done that mare who was used for riding and driving before she came to us. She was a friendly face around the farm and always came up to volunteers to say hello (or check for treats!). She was adopted to an amazing family with her best bud, Willow.

ranger & Tucker

Ranger & Tucker are a duo that came to HOME and are bonded for life! They are a part of the “Elkhart 11” and came to us at about 2.5 years old, as studs, with no training. Once they were caught they were nervous but would settle down and became sweet little guys. Ranger was a bright sorrel and Tucker a beautiful chestnut Appaloosa with a nice white blanket hindquarters. Both of these boys were gelded shortly after arriving to the farm. Ranger and Tucker were then adopted to a wonderful family who had a full size horse in need of companionship. As you can see from this picture they love following their big buddy around and have bonded with him as well!


Annabelle was listed on Craigslist as a “free horse”. A king person saw it and realized she was not only pregnant, but also standing in a field without shelter. After having her foal Juniper, Annabelle went into a foster home where a single horse had been kept for many years. This little fella was over the moon to have a new buddy! She has now been adopted and is making her equine and human families lives better every day with her sweet, kind, self.

bb & socks

Socks was a 12 year old bay gelding who stood 47” tall. He is technically pony sized but had a mini mindset that fit in perfectly at HOME. His past included being a lead line pony for small kids and his gentle personality put smiles on everyone’s faces! 


BB was a 10 year old bay mare who stood 37” tall. Her luscious mane and tail made all the boys swoon upon arrival to the rescue! She was broke to ride along with Socks and led many kids safely on her back.

BB & Socks came bonded and have now found their new forever home as companions to their big horse buddy, Ollie!

anna & elliott

Anna & Elliott came to us from Eugene, OR in November 2021, with an inseparable bond! Anna, 12 and Elliott, 13, quickly became favorites of the farm due to their sweet demeanor and cuddly personalities. It didn’t take long before a family in Eastern WA was on their way to take these two home and give them their dream life as companion horses! They received a blessed future with an amazing family.


Olivia came to us a younger mini, and while we don’t often adopt out the very young, this family was exactly the right fit for her! She was a supremely self-confident 1 year old and was chosen to be a companion to the existing mini knowing that the retired he lived with is getting on in years. She has proven to be exactly what everyone needed and brings joy and laughter and energy to all!

dolly & coop

Dolly & Coop came from the Lonestar, TX kill pen, part of our first buy that kicked off what HOME is today! Coop came with a damaged eye in significant pain, and we prepared for the rehabilitation process ahead of him. We were able to save his eye! Poor Dolly looked so skinny, wet, and scared. These two were welcomed with full hearts and both arms, and rehabilitated back to 100%. They then were able to find an amazing home to adopt them and give them a promising future!

waylon, boone & hannah

Hannah came to us in a rough place as she was riding solo after the death of her partner and found extremely listless and upset. Then came Waylon & Boone from Eugene where they were shown at auction separately and caused quite the ruckus calling out for each other. We knew we had to give these two the opportunity to live out their best lives together. The love they had for each other spread and soon enough Hannah was a part of their squad! We found them an amazing, loving family who appreciates the bond these donkeys have.


Grace, now Jewel, came to us extremely shy. She spooked at any sudden movements, although seemed to have a sweet demeanor. She came to us after having her baby, and we were told she was not often treated nicely at her prior homes. We gave her lots of love and room to trust and she slowly came into her own! In January 2022, she found her forever home on Black Horse Farm. We are so blessed she found an amazing place to continue living her best life!


Burr, adopted with Jessie James. Named after the amount of burrs in his mane upon his arrival! Thankfully, we were able to get them all out!

jessie james

Jessie James, adopted with Burr.

chip & Dale

Chip was a 4 year old gelded miniature donkey when he came to us very scared and not trusting humans. He was not halter broke and was quite thin. With lots of patience and ginger snaps, Chip became the first one to walk up to greet you. This quiet soul became so sweet and kind as he learned to trust humans again.

Dale was a 6 year old gelded miniature donkey who also came to us very shy and scared of humans. His nutrition was a huge priority as he was much thinner than Chip. With time, he came into his personality, gained some good weight, and was the first to request his face and ears to be rubbed!

These two hunky donks grew into a truly loving pair and found their perfect home!

Rescued mini horse


Tango was among one of our first intakes. We are so blessed that one of our amazing vets was able to take him in!


Malakai came to us for a temporary stay as an orphan foal. His mother had passed away shortly after he was born. This was truly a sad, but perfect connection because Delilah (part of HOME Haven) came to us as her foal passed away. Malakai warmed up to Delilah and was able to have a momma to nurse off of as he grew up. He returned to his owners and is now a thriving mini living his best life!


Clyde was one of our initial intakes and a main character on the farm. A “baaa” among the neighs and brays, everyone was a big fan. His stay was short, but his future was bright as he now lives on 10 acres with 21 other sheep!


Ollie, came to us as a 9 month old baby in January 2021, ready for his new start on life. He came from an auction as part of one of our first intakes. He was adopted with Moon to a loving, long time volunteer and supporter of HOME.


Moon, arrived with Ollie at about 4 years old. He was extremely shy and afraid, and required lots of patience to allow him to trust again. He was adopted with Ollie to an amazing home to live out his best life!

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