future adoptees

here are the equines on the farm who will be posted for adoption once they are ready!

If any of these equines interest you, please don’t hesitate to submit an application for them! We will keep your information and notify you once they are ready for their forever HOME.

ginger & cisco

These two besties came from owners who didn’t understand how to feed and care for mini horses. Cisco was still a stud and was turned out with multiple mares, some of which he had sired. The rescue who picked them up got Cisco gelded immediately and then transferred him and Ginger to us. Ginger has a sweet demeanor but is extremely shy and we are working on catching her. In the first couple of months, we noticed her belly was getting much rounder and we believe that she is in foal! Our priority is getting both of these sweet minis accustomed to a life with positive human interaction so we can help Ginger medically and help both of these two with their training.

thelma & louise

In May 2022,  these two sweet mules were given the option of either slaughter or HOME. You can bet we took them in an instant! They are extremely shy, but we are grateful they have each other. While they have made some amazing progress since they arrived, they are still on a training hold until they warm up to humans and can be easily handled.