future adoptees

here are the equines on the farm who will be posted for adoption once they are ready!

If any of these equines interest you, please don’t hesitate to submit an application for them! We will keep your information and notify you once they are ready for their forever HOME.

zeus, toby, & rowdy

We received a call about these 3 boys and while we didn’t have room for them here on the farm, we found an amazing foster situation for them to flourish! We will have more updates on them soon as they settle into their home away from HOME!


Though small, she is as mighty as they get. This poor girl came to us in the worst condition we had seen in new intakes in a long time. Her teeth were on the verge of falling out or were cutting into her mouth, she was severely underweight with a body score of 1-1.5 (out of 9), and her face was covered in sores, we assume from all the pain going on inside her mouth. We urgently got the vet out to get her comfortable as quickly and smoothly as possible. Because of her condition, we believed she was in her mid 30’s but she is actually only about 13. Her mouth is healing and we are slowly putting weight on her as not to shock her system. Some days are rougher than others for this poor girl, but we are going to fight for her! She is on a medical hold until we can get her weight up to a normal number and are up to the challenge of making sure she is well taken care of and feels nothing but loved for the rest of her life.


This sweet girl almost didn’t make it HOME. She was abandoned in a herd of cows at the cattle auction, on the brink of starvation. We are immensely grateful for the bystanders who took action to save this elderly girl from suffering a very sad ending. She is safe and she is HOME! For now, we are working on slowly getting her weight stabilized, as she is severely underweight. She is settling in well so far with her paddock neighbor, Curly! Once we get her medically sound, she will be ready for her future home.


Renegade was an owner surrender who came to us February 2022. He has struck up quite the bromance with HOME ambassador Sampson. He is a younger mini with a sweet and friendly personality. We will have him grow up and find his place on the farm before beginning his training plan.

bandit & winston

Bandit and Winston came to us March 2022 – Two youngi-ins at about 6 months old. Both studs, in rough shape, runny noses, underweight, and very wary of humans. They have made amazing progress since their arrival! They’ve grown into their personalities and become far more comfortable around people. These two boys are currently in foster and on a training hold.

thelma & louise

In May 2022,  these two sweet mules were given the option of either slaughter or HOME. You can bet we took them in an instant! They are extremely shy, but we are grateful they have each other. While they have made some amazing progress since they arrived, they are still on a training hold until they warm up to humans and can be easily handled.