future adoptees

here are the equines on the farm who will be posted for adoption once they are ready!


Renegade was an owner surrender who came to us February 2022. He has struck up quite the bromance with HOME ambassador Sampson. He is a younger mini with a sweet and friendly personality. We will have him grow up and find his place on the farm before beginning his training plan.


Juniper has lived out her entire life here on the farm! She arrived in Annabelle’s belly in December 2021 (Read Annabelle’s story in our “HOME Alumni” page.) She has made herself right at home, and is bonded to our HOME haven resident Napoleon. She has started her training program with great progress and we are excited to see her blossom into the amazing mini she is!

bandit & winston

Bandit and Winston came to us March 2022 – Two youngi-ins at about 6 months old. Both studs, in rough shape, runny noses, underweight, and very wary of humans. They have made amazing progress since their arrival! They’ve grown into their personalities and become far more comfortable around people. Right now they are enjoying their youth until they are at optimal health to be gelded. A training plan will then be set and followed until they are ready to be adopted!

thelma & louise

In May 2022,  these two sweet mules were given the option of either slaughter or HOME. You can bet we took them in an instant! They are extremely shy, but we are grateful they have each other. While they have made some amazing progress since they arrived, they are still on a training hold until they warm up to humans and can be easily handled.


Eli the donkey and joined HOME with his mule buddy Elektra! They had been a part of HOME since April 2021 and arrived extremely wary of people. Our amazing trainer, Elsa Sinclair has been making great strides with them with her Freedom Based training method. Elektra found an amazing home and Eli has returned to the farm to continue his training. We will be patient with his progress and update with any news!