Adopting a Mini

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Keep in mind that we are looking for permanent, lifelong homes for our rescued equines. Typically, equines that are cared for properly can live to be 35–40 years of age for mini horses and 45–50 years of age for mini donkeys. Some mini donkeys can be driven and some mini horses can be driven or ridden.

We believe in maintaining pair bonds, so in general we expect our horses and donkeys to be adopted in pairs. Bonded pairs are not to be separated after adoption. However, if you already have a mini donkey or horse, we can discuss what makes the most sense for both you and the equines.

Elsa Sinclair connecting with miniature horse awaiting adoption.

Elsa Sinclair, creator of Freedom Based Training©, connects with Burr only hours after his arrival.

Bonded miniature pair Cooper and Dolly for adoption.

Cooper and Dolly

who's available?

Please check back periodically for updates on availability and their current status. Our adoption process is meticulously planned and executed. Adoptions will be announced once an adoption agreement has been signed.

Our area for adoptions is currently limited to the State of Washington. Other Pacific Northwest areas will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

The process

We highly recommend you first make an appointment by contacting Lori McMaster so you can come out and meet our current herd. After you’ve decided who you’d like to join your family, the formal process will begin with the Adoption Application. Once this has been approved, a HOME representative will visit the location where the equine will be living to inspect the site with a checklist of requirements and to take photos. Once approved, reference calls will be made to verify adoption suitability.

From a mobile device, press and hold the button for the option to Download Linked File. You will need to know where your downloads are located and open with Acrobat Reader.

HOME mascot Little Miss Merrylegs.

Miss Merrylegs, HOME’s permanent ambassador.


The number one reason? You save a life.

We ensure excellent lifetime homes for each animal we take in and our responsibility to that animal does not end when they arrive at their new home.

We work to try and educate the general public about miniature horses and donkeys and teach and to promote how to be a responsible miniature horse and donkey owner. One of the ways we do this is through our volunteer program. By reaching out and getting people directly involved with the minis at the barn, they learn about the care, feeding and proper socialization techniques to help prepare the equines for their new homes.

Fees are $900/single (for adopters who are adding to their herds) and $1,500/pair. Kill pens are currently charging $600 to $1,500 and up per equine.