About Us

our story

The dream of starting a rescue began a few years ago as a casual conversation among friends.  As experienced volunteers and employees of horse rescues, Lori and Barb saw that there was a need to focus on rescuing and serving the miniature equine community.  Mini horses and mini donkeys are in demand in the Pacific Northwest and their unique attributes make them great family members. Taking in the unwanted, nursing them back to health, getting them into their perfect homes is what we are all about.

We focus on the whole animal. Each of our animals receives all necessary physical and mental services needed including veterinary, dental, farrier, nutritional, bodywork, training and socialization. When they’re ready to leave for their new homes, we will have done the best we could to prepare them for the next chapter of their lives.

We ensure excellent lifetime homes for each animal we take in and our responsibility to that animal does not end when they step into their new adoptee’s home. We do this through a thorough adoption screening process and a follow-up program for the lifetime of the animal.

Former rescued donkeys
Gracie and Rosie.

it began here

The first HOME rescues arrived on the cold, rainy, early morning of January 28, 2021. We accept animals today from owners who can no longer care for them, from animal control seizures in our area, and very rarely we will buy animals out of auctions.  We know that we cannot save them all. We are committed to ensuring the very best life possible for each animal that comes through our doors.

Mini horses rescued from kill pen.
they arrived

Unsure, unloved, scared and confused.

Three brown mini horse butts at HOME
daily improvements

Nothing like a little snack to help you get settled in.

Burr full of burrs upon his arrival at HOME.

Burr rather named himself.

Rescued minis for adoption.
worth the trip

Jesse James (l) and Ode (r) are starting to feel quite at HOME.

our journey home