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Helping Our Miniature Equines (HOME)

A 501(c)(3) Non-profit Rescue Organization for Mini Horses and Mini Donkeys | Arlington, WA

Ember’s Story

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One of our newest arrivals, Ember, came to us as a pregnant mare. After a long journey of late nights, sore feet, and keeping her comfortable, this sweet girl went into labor. The vet quickly came to the farm and determined she was going to need to be transported to the vet hospital. Upon Ember’s arrival, the vets got to work and decided Ember was going to need an emergency c-section. Ember’s foal, named Ash, was a stillborn mule. We invested more than 350 hours watching the stall cameras to ensure we could help, but alas, there was nothing that could have saved the foal. When the question was euthanize Ember or save her with an emergency C-Section we choose to save Ember since we knew she has every possible chance for a wonderful happy long life ahead. While we grieve the loss of this foal, the vets have continued to ensure Ember’s health and survival and we are so appreciative of their knowledge and talents to help this girl. She is now in a community where humans care so much for her. If you’d like to assist with this last minute emergency cost, we have created a donation link below. We are so grateful for our community that continuously pours into saving these minis and making sure they have a bright future ahead.

Our Philosophy:

“We make a lifelong commitment to every equine that comes through our doors to ensure that they have the best life possible from now on.”

Established in early 2021, Helping Our Miniature Equines (HOME) is a haven for neglected, abused, and abandoned miniature horses and miniature donkeys. In deciding on who we can help save, we focus primarily on bonded pairs, family groups, and those most at-risk.

We Can Help!

We know that while it’s everyone’s plan and desire to keep their minis with them forever, we understand that sometimes this just isn’t possible despite all best efforts. If you find yourself in this situation and have run out of options on finding your equine a new home, please reach out to us for assistance.
Aware of neglect or abuse?
If you suspect a case of abuse involving a mini equine, the first step is to report it to your county’s Animal Control office. While HOME cannot legally respond to any suspected neglect or abuse cases directly, we are letting these agencies know we are available to work with them as an option to receive these animals.
Four rescued mini horses at HOME ready for adoption.